SEO REVOLUTION : 1. How to Build Website Traffic


How to Build Website Traffic

On the right side of the screen, you can see a list of Google AdWords subscribers. Based on how much each advertiser is willing to pay to stay on page one and in the top ten ranked position, the ranked position of these ten advertisers can change from hour to hour. If the advertiser has set a daily budget that has been reached or if Google determines that elevating another advertiser into a higher position is likely to generate a higher income for them. The advertiser may choose to turn their AdWords campaign off at any time and on any day to stay within their specified budget guidelines.

If an advertiser has an unlimited budget, they can remain number one for as long as they like. Many people don’t realize that the PPC (pay per click) price advertisers actually pay, when compared to their bid price for a given keyword, is significantly. We will cover this topic in section 3.

1. Metadata Tags

Diagram 1

Diagram 2

2. Search Engine Spiders

3. Use Keywords in Hyperlinks

Links on your website that contain hyperlinks containing the keywords in your metatag are searched for by spiders. Using this consideration, the search engines assess the relevance of each webpage to all of the other websites in your market segment and regional location. For instance, the keyword phrase “internet strategies” appears in our keyword metadata, appears in the content of our home page, and is hyperlinked to a separate page on our website that offers content relevant to internet strategies.

4. Use Keywords in Filenames

Similarly, it is important to use the keywords as a means of identifying linked webpages and other downloadable content. As an example, the use of the keyword phrase “widgets vs helper methods” for On the Mark Marketing is shown as

5. Submit the Website to the Major Search Engines

6. Social Media Like Twitter, Facebook

Social media marketing has come of age, so if it’s not part of your current media mix, you need to give some thought to making it part.

7. Blogs

8. Published Articles and Deep Links

9. Publish a Regular Newsletter

10. Autoresponders

11. RSS Feeds

12. PPC Marketing

How to Get a High Google PageRank


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