7 ways to make money on fiverr without any skill


In this article, I’ll show you 7 ways on how you can make money on websites like fiverr or upwork or freelance without actually having any skills or knowledge.
Anyone can do it.

1. website or software testing

Now whenever someone launches an app or a website or a service that is digital, they need feedback. Because feedback is so valuable for them to adjust their product and get new customers. But of course, if they don’t have customers already, they need somebody to test it. And that’s where you come into play. Of course you would need internet or a computer or phone but honestly you’re reading this so I assume that you have that.

So if we go on fiverr and search for website testing, you will see that a lot of people are offering exactly that service and they’re getting reviews, they are making money with it.

Now usually it goes like this, they send you a link to their website or the app. And then you go on it check it out and maybe take some notes of your pros and cons, what you like about the product or not. Write that down and deliver it to your client.
That should be enough to already get a couple of dollars into your wallet.

2. Removing background from image

Now there’s a simple problem you have a photo but you need the background removed.

Well some people are completely overwhelmed with this especially if they have no graphical or technical understanding. But that’s where you come into play.


You might don’t have that understanding too but what you have is remove.bg or canva.com.

It’s a website that offers this exact service. And you can see on fiverr people are actively searching for this and if you can offer it you can make money. 

So all you need to do is upload a photo on there and you got the background removed.

You can download it and deliver it to your client. Now there’s one thing about remove.bg which is that they don’t give you the high quality, if you’re not paying for the service. 

So if you need a high quality version of a picture you could go to canva.
Canva they offer the same service to remove backgrounds very easily and for free. Well not 100% for free, because you would need the premium version. But you can test it for free for 30 days and in that time you can already get your first

3. Selling album covers

Another very creative work. And you might ask yourself album covers? How can I design album covers?

Well using artificial intelligence. There’s this website called thisartworkdoesnotexist.com.

And it’s basically an AI that once you refresh the page it will create a bunch of different images that have never been there before, completely artificial.

Now what is important is that one reddit user recently pointed out that those artworks all look like album covers and I think that’s quite true. so what you could do is export them, slap a title on it and sell it as an album cover.

Because it looks kind of unique so if somebody likes your stuff then they will definitely pay for that.

4. SEO reports

SEO stands for search engine optimization. You’ve probably heard of it. You can do seo on youtube, you can do seo on all kinds of different search engines, of course google, for websites.

Now a lot of people when they have a website, they need some evaluation. They need to know is my seo good or bad.

Now of course they could go to an agency and pay a lot of money for this, or they could also go to fiverr and find somebody for cheap. And maybe that’s you.


It’s actually not so hard to create a well more or less valuable report, because there are actual websites where you can just type in their website and get a full seo report. Export it or make a screenshot out of it and forward that to your client, And then you’re done.

You just made money selling something that you have no clue about.
You can use one of these website


5. T-shirt designs

There are a lot of people who are selling t-shirts obviously on websites like redbubble or teespring or merch by amazon

And they need a lot of designs. Sometimes thousands of designs. So there’s a high demand for this kind of stuff.

I know what you might think. Well i’m not a designer.

But don’t worry. You don’t need to be a designer. There are websites that to help you create t-shirt designs.

Placeit.net would be one example.

It allows you to create designs that look unique and are highly customizable. Edit the text and the image on the platform and here you go. You got your custom shirt design. So when you export that and deliver it to your client you might think you’re an actual high class designer.

You can even use custom mock-ups from the same website and create those super stunning realistic animations of your design.

6. Creating banner ads

Have you ever been on a website and there are those little banners on the site or on the top, which want you to click on their fantastic product?

Well you probably have.

And now you can make those yourself. And of course offer them to website owners or marketing agencies who just want to outsource this service.

So the concept is the same again but this time you’re not going to placeit.net, you’re going to another website called bannersnack.com. This website allows you to browse among different niches like business, lifestyle, education.

Pick a certain element like a banner ad then adjust a few settings the text, the designs, and boom.

You got to add and can deliver it even an html5 code directly to your customer. Sounds a bit technical but it’s actually super easy and if you just register on that website try it out yourself you know it only takes you five minutes to create your first design.

And if your client is not knowing that you’re using banner snack well then the perceived value for them is super high.

7. Making intros

Lot of people need intros for youtube videos or video ads or something else. And you can actually do those in a pretty simple way.

And you guessed it, again using templates. One of them would be videoboltvideobolt allows you to use a template for an intro, even with sound. Just add the name you’re done with your intro.


You can also use the same platform to create music visualizers. You probably have seen them on a couple of music channels here and people are actually paying good money for this.

If you don’t really like videobolt then you could also go to panzoid. It’s another platform. Also really nice to create intros. Just type in the name and you got a custom intro with music.
If any of those tips mentioned today helps you at least a bit or inspires you to do something then I hope I did the right job.


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