Add Google Analytics to WordPress (with the official plugin)


In this article I’m going to show you how to add google analytics to your WordPress website using the official google plugin called site kit which allows you to do that integration seamlessly.

So go to your WordPress admin panel and add google analytics plugin.

Go to dashboard, then go to plugins and we’re going to add a new plugin. Here search for site kit by google. It is an official plugin by google it is a recommended way of installing google analytics on your WordPress website.

So go ahead and install that and activate it.

When that’s finished, check compatibility. Click on start setup.


First, it is going to verify that you own the website. So let’s go ahead and use select google account to verify that ownership. So click on username and allow permissions and then allow the sharing of data between that.

Finally setup search console this is different from google analytics but something very important for organic search traffic if you want your website to show up in search results or at least have a way to understand how your website is appearing in search results.

Now click to go to your dashboard. Now you can see that you are connected to your search console.

Now, here you need to connected 3rs service, which is Analytics. You have to repeat same process again.

Once you do everything correctly, you will see message on your screen that says Your account successfully created.


That’s it. You connected your website to google analytics using official google plugin.


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